Moving on… from a friend?

“I gave all my oxygen to people that could breathe
I gave away my money and now we don’t even speak
I drove miles and miles but would you do the same for me
Oh, honestly?”

See that title? Yes, I have a question mark up there, again. This happens when I’m not sure about what exactly is happening.

It’s just that I don’t always understand everyone’s action. To be honest, I do not think anyone does. Some people might act so differently from how they used to act before, that you don’t even know where the person you used to know went…

I’ve left behind a lot of people after I had moved, but it’s a story for another post… And that was for the best, and we all knew that. But in this situation, I honestly have no idea what is going on. Of course, I have my theories, but I wish the person would explain herself.

Popularity and fame. Yep, that’s it. Is that what everyone wants? Because I don’t. I don’t wanna be talked about in the hallways because I’m some kind of girl who had 4 boyfriends in one school year (I’m not actually talking about myself). Is that what everyone thinks is cool nowadays? Because if so, then, I guess, I fell asleep in 2007…

I just wanted talk about how betrayal and rudeness feel. Imagine yourself just standing in the hallway, and that friend walks by you, gives you that mean look, and just walks away. And the most important detail is that you’ve been waiting for THAT friend. But she doesn’t care. Something has changed and she just does not care about you anymore. And not only about you, but about her all ‘old’ friend. And the thing is, I’m not sad about this, but I see how other people get disappointed in her.

Please, look at people’s reactions to your actions. Don’t hurt them.

“Se enioma enko ye
Bibia Be Ye Ye  ♡” (you can see how crazy I’m going about Ed’s new album ÷)

Thank you for reading and, please, share your thoughts!

xx wb


18 thoughts on “Moving on… from a friend?

  1. anotherrisingsoul says:

    You, me so alike god… Umm I have not yet disclosed this to my sister who also uses this same account as me , that everything’s like have drown or I must say have gone downhill with me and my bestfriend, though the reason your that u lost ur frnd is diff. Than mine, but still I can get it…

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    1. whitebearonline says:

      That happens, really. I might not be the best person to give advice, probably because I get in those situations sometimes, too. But all I know is that things will change between you, in a good or a bad way (sorry for being negative here). That depends on you and your friends : ) good luck and I hope everything will be alright! Let me know if you want 😉

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  2. kennediii says:

    Hello, your post speaks to something that I have been dealing with lately. Being friends with someone for a long time then suddenly having the feeling that you are no longer significant to them anymore can be a tough pill to swallow. I’ve had the exact same experience in the hallway that you talked about; it’s tough being excited to see someone and not having the excitement reciprocated and it’s felt so much deeper than the action appears. Being a girl in high school is surely not easy. Moving on from people we care about is tough but it’s a process. Have you tried talking for closure at least? I found that if you can accept the fact that you tried and that it was an issue that couldn’t really be dissolved it may be easier to let go.

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    1. whitebearonline says:

      Hey! I definitely have, and the thing is, sometimes people see they’ve made mistakes. We’ve came together and talked it out. And honestly, it felt great. After trying so hard to get everything we had back, I just felt like I was pulling a huge stone with me up the hill. But after we discussed the problem, it disappeared. Of course, we are not that close anymore, but it’s good to know that the person is not talking crap behind your back.
      And it’s true, high school is hard, especially having relationships with people there. But that’s how we learn and prepare ourself for the future life 🙂 Hope everything went well for you!


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