That Little Fear

We all have it, don’t we? Even if some of us try to seem fearless, there’s always something we are afraid of.

I don’t know about you (and I would really like to know, so leave your comment below ♡), but I’ve always had that fear of starting something new. When my mom brought me to my first dance practice, I might not have been really scared because I was around four years old, but I obviously felt uncomfortable. At that time, my dance group was new, and all of the kids were just getting to know each other. But later on, my teacher decided to move me to another level. And that was terrifying. I was so not ready to go to a practice where people already knew each other. I thought I was going to be something like an outlier. But then, to my surprise, I found out there were people from my class, which helped me get to know them better. You know, I’ve noticed that there are always some things you do not expect and they might even be a pleasant surprise!

Since that day I’ve been trying to face my fear and try out new things. For example, I’ve changed the schools, twice (yes, this might be a bad example because it was mostly for education and a better life, but there were other experiences, too). The first time, I went to college, which is not actually college as you, people from the US, might think. It’s a school, but some of the teachers there also the professors at the university. People go there mostly because they want to challenge themselves and prepare for going to the actual college or university. It wasn’t that bad, mostly because we all were the new “selection”, I guess you can say. We all were new to the school, even though some kids already knew each other. By the way, there was that pleasant surprise – there was one girl I’ve met before! That was really nice seeing her again and getting to know her. But the next time I’ve changed schools was somethings completely different – a different country, in the middle of the school year. That was crazy. But look at me now, I’m living life, haha!

It’s just that fear of not being accepted and not being able to fit in that holds us back. All the changed in our lives are for the better. That’s why that fear of joining other had diminished into ‘that little fear’

xx wb


17 thoughts on “That Little Fear

  1. Elm says:

    Oh my gosh I get what you mean! For some reason I’m really really scared of bees? Or any kind of buzzing insect. I will literally run out of the room. Oh, and I also fear stuttering when trying to public speaking. It’s absolutely awful!

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    1. whitebearonline says:

      Oh my, insects!!! Ugh, it’s not that I’m scared of them, I just prefer them not be next to me 😀 I try to be nice and not kill them, but they better not climb up my shoulder! And public speaking also used to be my fear, maybe even still is a little. But due to having a lot of discussions I class, I guess I’m getting used to that 🙂

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  2. renrcal says:

    After a lot of counseling and soul searching, I found that I truly fear success. It sounds silly I am sure, but it is a genuine fear that came from being told I would NEVER succeed. I am fighting it and moving forward but the fear is still very real to me. You are very brave!!

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    1. whitebearonline says:

      I feel you, I think that this fear is also about not knowing what success is hiding and how others will react. It’s great that you’re fighting it. I think the fears will always be there, it’s human’s nature to have them. But you and I are very brave, and we got this! 🙂

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