Reluctant Teens / Student Disinterest

People are going to think I’m a mom who is talking about her kids who only lie on the couch and play video games… Oh well : D

But, on a serious note, I wanted to talk about our generation. We all think we are so lucky to be born in the age of technological advancements and innovations. But hav you thought about what we are missing out on? You might have asked your parents about how it was like before, living without a cell phone and spending days outside. At least for me, or my family, TVs and the internet appeared pretty late in our country, approximately in last years of the 20th century. And even then, not every family could afford any of those new inventions. So, even though I had a chance to spend my time watching cartoons all day long, my mom took me outside to run and play with me friends, to be active. You all know how the unhealthy (or homely lifestyle, as I call it) affects your body and fitness (you know, that term, you learn in biology, which doesn’t only describe your body ; )

I’m not here to talk about body shapes (mostly because of everyone being so beautiful), but about how we, nowadays teens, spend our time.

A couple of days ago, I went on a little trip to the museum, downtown of where I live. When I get out of the house, I usually go to the parks, and this time I need to go to any place or an event which offers artworks for people to see. I usually wouldn’t go to the museum, unless I’m traveling to another country/city, where I would be interested in seeing some of the arts the place provides for tourists to get to know. Museums are an interesting place to meet some new people, or to find out what ladies are doing in their free time (spoiler: drawing/sketching the interior, which is pretty, by the way : ) I also happen to pay a visit to a wedding, just randomly walking by (Have a long and happy future together, J and K ♡)

Photograph by the White Bear Online blog author

But, there are some people who you won’t find inside. Those who I’m talking about are teenagers. Teens, humans of they age from 13-19 years, simply don’t go to museums. And I usually fall into the same category. But is it a norm? Of course, it is. It is all about fitting in. We, teens, are supposed be cool, drive to Starbucks, and snapchat all this. And that is it. Do you know how many “I’m so bored” snaps I got during spring break? Almost the same amount of pictures as during the school week. Boring spring break? Go outside! It’s much better than sitting at your house, breathing in that stagnant oxygen.

Photograph by the White Bear Online blog author

I’m sorry if this sounded a little harsh for you, but I hope that my little post motivates you for doing some interesting things and going out in your free time : ) Because when I read articles like this, they really do motivate me! I really enjoyed my little museum visit, and I hope to continue my trips to other places!

Photograph by the White Bear Online blog author

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you do in your free time and what places you like to go to!

P.S. I decided to finally share some of the photographs taken by me with you! Let me know what you think, I would really appreciate it ♡

xx wb

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7 thoughts on “Reluctant Teens / Student Disinterest

  1. Neha says:

    I agree with this so so much. We don’t realize what we’re missing. Every single time I try to convey this to someone, I get made fun of or not taken seriously enough. I love how you’ve chosen to express your opinions so freely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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