Basic Heartless Conversations

Every day, as I get on my school bus, I hear people talk about how tired or cold they are.

You’ve probably heard that stereotype about English men who always talk about the weather (not trying to offend any English people out there). Well, that saying is not only about England. Sometimes, I feel like people have nothing else to talk about but about how freezing it is outside.

If you have read the Fahrenheit 451, you can probably imagine what would be happening in that anti-utopian world. People would not talk to each other. At all. And see what is happening right now? The technology is making us just like the characters of the book. We stare at our phones because we do not feel comfortable, as they say ‘awkwardly’, looking around. And then after they meet up with their friend, they either do not talk or talk about that basic and fake stuff.

It’s just that basicness that makes me want to, you know, get off this planet. We are all being consumed by the unoriginality of our lives. We sit around and do same things everyone else does.

I feel like was born at the wrong time. I want to go back to the Medieval Period. I want to talk to people, communicate, and actually feel something. I want the adventure. When I tell this to people, the only thing they do is give me examples of disadvantages of that time: no bathrooms, plagues, etc. But have you thought about how unusual everyone’s’ stories would be? Maybe, I just read too many books or watched too many movies, and, maybe, I imagine everything in my own way. But I love this way, the way of looking at that age through rose-colored glasses. It’s never a bad thing to dream.

What feels bad is coming back from the dream. Coming back to the reality. But we can change that. I know that some of the use might be thinking that the technology innovations had completely improved our lives. But it does not mean that there’s no way of making a little step back. Here are some things I follow to stay social and not on my phone:

  1. Do not check your phone right before bed/right after you wake up. It’s not only bad for your eyesight and sleep experience, but also for your communications with others. Go take a shower, talk and wish ‘good night’ to you parents instead.
  2. Stop looking down at your phone while walking and driving(!). Not only it is dangerous (“estimated that 1 in 10 pedestrian injuries is now related to distracted walking, and that it causes more accidents than distracted driving”), but also because you do not see the beauty of your surroundings. Maybe you’ve walked down this road a million times before, but maybe you have not realized how much the road has changed. Look up! Here’s a video I watched a couple of years ago, I hope that every one of you spends their five minutes to understand the importance of shutting down their phones.
  3. When walking/hanging out with people, just do not check your phone. Keep the sound on, respond to important calls, but turn your cellular data off and keep yourself offline. Nothing bad will happen if you do not check your Instagram for a day.

Thank you for reading my post and I really hope that you take it seriously. I do believe that it is an important issue for us not being able to talk about things we could have talked about without our phones.

xx wb

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11 thoughts on “Basic Heartless Conversations

  1. says:

    This is something we should really care about!! I only do one of them 😅 I don’t check my phone while with friends because it feels disrespectful, even though they do it all the time, but still 🙄 (And well, I don’t drive 😅 But I don’t check my phone in the car either, I love car rides so it would be a shame to ruin them)

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      1. says:

        Yes, exactly! The thing with me now is that I have to admit that I might actually be guilty of becoming a little “addicted” to my phone, because it is now the only way I have to communicate with my friends and family and well I feel like I still need to hold on to something from my country and it is them!i guess I am kind of afraid of letting go of them 😔 There aren’t many people, just a few special ones

        Liked by 1 person

      2. whitebearonline says:

        You’re right. Nowadays, we should obviously be thankful for all the technology that helps us with communication, especially with ones who are far away from us.
        We just have to stay in control and be able to manage our time we spend on our phone!

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  2. thegailiusblog says:

    I totally understand! I was right there with you on the whole, “Can I please just live in another time?!” thing, a few years ago. (Although, tbh, the thought of losing showers and toilets never seemed​ too​ exciting). We’ll just have to be the ones to make our own little worlds alive and adventurous. And doing what you suggest (getting off the phone, taking a look at the things around us, etc.) is a great place to start.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. whitebearonline says:

      Yep, you’re right!
      I talked to my friends about this. I think it’s better to share your problems/your concerns. With their help, we’ll add more adventures into our lives! : )
      Living 400 years ago might have been fun, but if you can’t go back in time, try to change your life and your future ; )

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  3. Me says:

    This is really good. Aah I guess I really need this (seriously) , because I am addicted to my phone. Okay, so I’m not glued to my phone when I go our, but still at home, I always roam around with it. Urgh. I need to stop or I’m going to fail in school someday.

    Liked by 1 person

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