Attachment to material things / Little Update

Welp, it’s been a while! I’m starting this post with an apology to everyone who reads my blog:

Hey, thank you so much for staying with me! I’m really sorry I haven’t been around here, on WordPress, for a while. There hasn’t been a day without any thoughts about blogging in my head. While opening my laptop, unfortunately, there was no time for me to edit or post any of my even previously written blog posts. There was only time to review for finals or to work on projects. But, as I’ve already mentioned, I had typed out some of the new post drafts, but the theme/main point in them is not completely, or clearly, stated. Those kinds of posts take time and analysis. When I started my blog, I decided to not just share updates about my life, but also talk about some serious problems, and maybe give some advice to anyone who is in need. I would like to create a little world where everyone, including me, is comfortable with sharing anything they want, from their new favorite songs to the mental disruptions that are bothering them.

Yesterday, I took my last final exam, which means I will be out of school for at least 2 and a half months… On the last day of school, it never came to my realization that I’m half-way done with high school. It’s just now, after posting the “WE’RE OUT!” picture on Instagram and getting comments from younger friends with questions about finishing the sophomore year, I finally start to see the fact that time is flying by so fast. Unrealistic, but somehow true. After all, wow, I’m free! This summer is expected to be full of freedom and adventures for me, which I would like to talk about later when they finally happen ; )

Attachment to things… I would I write a post about it? Well, there’s a story behind everything.

As you already know, I live in the US. To be more certain, I live in Midwest, in a pretty homely state. I live in a friendly neighborhood, not in a crowded downtown. In July 2016, I went on a little trip to the East Coast, to Washington D.C. and New York City.

It was my first time in D.C., and I loved it! I have been to New York before, and I like it due to my preferences for bigger cities. But D.C. was different. The capital of the United States is kind of expected to carry power inside even the smallest alleys. But this story takes place in New York, or, to be more specific, on the Liberty Island.

Most of the people in this world know about the Statue of Liberty. Many people who come to New York take a ferry and walk by the magnificent statue of a lady, holding the torch and enlightening the world with liberty. And, as we all know, basically every significant landmark has at least one souvenir shop. And, as most of the tourists do, I went to check out some things that I could bring home. I usually get some magnets for my fridge. But this time my eyes caught some pretty bracelets hanging on a jewelry display, right near the checkout line. The bracelets were expandable with little charms that had a picture of New York on them. I didn’t have many silver bracelets, so I decided to get one. I really liked it, and I used to wear it a lot mostly because it looked good with everything.

But some good things come to an end… Recently, I wore it to school, like I usually do. But something went wrong. To cut a long story short, the charm got lost. It probably fell off when it got caught in my cardigan. And the moment when I realized the fact that the charm was gone, I got pretty upset. In addition to that, my next thought was about the test that I was going to have next period. That was even more upsetting. But I decided to look for good sides of the unpleasant situation. I looked at my wrist and became aware of the fact that I can still wear my bracelet. I took my test and was in a pretty good mood.

Usually, I would get pretty disappointed if something happens to my property. And I started to understand that these kinds of issues are not the most important things in life. What important is spending time outside with your friends, laughing, running, and things like that. The moral of the story and this post:

Don’t be materialistic, be happy : )

That was my little story! Please, share yours! I would love to read it ♡ Thank you for being here ; )

By the way, I’ve also updated my theme and started using thumbnails for my posts of a more professional type, I guess : D Thanks to Kate ♡ I’m using my own photograph for this one ( it has my ‘famous’ bracelet in it : D ) Hope you enjoy!

xx wb

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6 thoughts on “Attachment to material things / Little Update

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    Yayyy! I missed you so much hahaha welcome back! How did your finals go??? I’m also taking my mid terms now 😪 I haven’t been posting either haha. You’re finally a junior! Congrats 😃

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