The blog post from the attic

Here I am, sitting in the most comfortable place I have been in a while and feeling extremely guilty. Let me explain?

To be honest, I am not of fan of bloggers apologizing for their absence from their blogging platform. Even though I do get upset when I do not hear from a person I am used to reading often, I still take in mind their personal lives that they might not want to share with an online world or just do not have an access to any device. But, at the same time, I feel like the bloggers owe the apology to their readers.

There has not been a day in these two past months that I have not been thinking about writing a new blog post or editing any of the drafts I have prepared earlier. But my hands were just not in the doing. After watching one TV show with a narration as a blog post or a novel, I felt like what I was doing was wrong. My writing suddenly started to sound primitive. I never thought of myself as a professional writer, but I want to sound mature not only on my blog but also in real life. So I spent the last month trying to improve my language.

Right now, as I am sitting in my aunt’s almost-100-year house, on the third floor, which looks more like an attic with a low ceiling and many small windows, I am trying to tell you, my readers, the story of my summer. I am surrounded by an atmosphere of antiquity. Can you imagine the people who lived here in the 1920s and the things they were doing? Do you see the tears streaming down their faces at the moment of them losing their house during the Great Depression? It seems unrealistic to me. But again, I wish I was born in a different time period. All this make me reminisce of the old, not so far gone, just not yet, summer days.

Looking out of the window, I see people crossing the street under the traffic light on their way home from the neighborhood pool. I see them trying to get home faster as it slowly gets cloudier and colder outside. Autumn is coming. The day length gets shorter and shorter every 24 hours. As unfortunate as it is, I also want fall to come.

During the not-so-long two and a half months of summer, I got to experience several new things. We had had an addition to our family in a face of a little puppy, the dream of my life. A lot of problems have been faced, a lot of poop has been scrubbed… But it is all worth it! The week before the expansion of our family, my parents and I went on a three-day vacation, which I am writing a separate travel-post about! Hope the tips and recommendations will help some avid travelers. Just a week before the last month of school, I got a vehicle and already had time to crash it… Just kidding, it happened in my garage : P Summer was full of volunteering, reading, sports, and fun!

To my regret, one of my dreams could not come true this summer. As my readers might have found out from some of my other posts, I had moved to the United States from a different country. Not only I left the country, but I also left my friends there. My best friend, whose name (I have been thinking about it for a while, since I do not name any actual names on my blog, I would make up names for the people who appear on my blog frequently. The names would come from the things that I associate with the person) is Daisy, is six thousand miles away from where I am. Since the time I had moved, we have not seen each other in real life in almost two years. Of course, technology is a way to go, but no access to hugs simply sucks. We were making plans for her maybe coming to visit me, but they never came true. The airplane tickets are not yet affordable to teenagers with no income/only pocket money/little savings. But we are not sad to our souls! We have great plans and dreams for the future (and also hopes that airlines will be more affordable to everyone!)!

Here is my story of the summer I spent without blogging. Thanks to everyone who had stayed subscribed and had not forgotten about me! For me, school starts in less than two weeks, which hopefully will not affect my posting schedule! Cannot wait for you to read my upcoming blog posts!!!

xx wb

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2 thoughts on “The blog post from the attic

  1. Sunset says:

    Hi! Great that you’ve posted again 😊 it sounds so hard to have your best friend so far away, I can’t imagine what it must be like!

    Liked by 1 person

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