My 17th Birthday

What is there to say? Watch me go out in February to watch Fifty Shades Freed since I can watch R-rated movies now.

The time flew by incredibly fast. Around this time next year, I will know where I will be attending school (hopefully). I honestly do not have words.

Two days before my birthday, I could not even imagine myself turning 17. I think the reason for that would be my appearance and the fact that no one takes me for a seventeen-year-old. I have never looked like a junior in high school:  I do not put a full face of make-up on every day, not that you cannot do that, especially if it makes you feel on top of the world, it just feels like too much. I do not go out every Friday night because I am no joke falling asleep at 8pm. I am just being completely honest here, this is my life.

But I personally feel like I am growing up. Not growing old, growing up. Getting more mature and decisive. Not feeling old, feeling responsible.

As for my birthday celebration, I got one of the greatest gifts – a snow day! Not having to wake up at 6am on your birthday is pretty amazing, let me tell ya ; ) On the following weekend, my friends and I decided to go bowling (an over-hour wait did not stop us!) and it really has been a while since the last time I’ve bowled… But this weekend was pretty awesome. I  have been I decided to actually do something instead of just blowing out candles at home (which I gladly did also : )

This post turned out to be more of a diary entry. So I would like to end it with a question:

Do you celebrate your birthdays? If you do, what are your plans for those special days (getting some ideas for upcoming years, hehe)? If you don’t, is there a reason? It is your choice to share it.

xx wb

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