My Summer Morning Routine

To be completely honest, I do not think I’ve ever seen a BLOG POST about a morning routine, comparing to how many YOUTUBE VIDEOS if seen about this matter. However, I do not think they do not exist.

So here’s mine : ) Hope you enjoy!

My Summer Morning Routine

Even thought it is summer and no matter how much I love sleeping in, my job wouldn’t let me do that ; ) My morning starts with waking up early (or at least I think it is early) depending on a day, if I have in-service or not (post about lifeguarding coming soon!). Could be 7:30, could be 8:30, or could be 10 (which is pretty great) – depends on my shift that day. I will probably lay in my bed for around 10 minutes (cause who wants to wake up at 7:30?!). Then I’ll make my bed and go downstairs. There I greet my sleepy doggo and let him outside. While my waffles are in the toaster, I’ll pack my lunch and get myself some water. As I finish my breakfast and get my dog from the backyard, I go back upstairs to brush my teeth, wash my face, and get ready. A very important part of getting ready is putting sunscreen on cause UV rays do not hesitate with burning your skin!!! Once I put my uniform on, I grab my keys and my lanyard, and I’m out the door! I say good bye to my parents and my pup and leave the house to save lives : D It all takes me an hour before leaving.

That was my summer morning routine. Hope you guys liked it! Please let me know something interesting about your summer routine (mine is probably sunscreen application : )

xx wb

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