The blog post from the attic

Here I am, sitting in the most comfortable place I have been in a while and feeling extremely guilty. Let me explain? To be honest, I am not of fan of bloggers apologizing for their absence from their blogging platform. Even though I do get upset when I do not hear from a person I... Continue Reading →



Recently, I got nominated for the Liebster Award by the blog The Girl With Ironwings! Thank you so much! I apologize for taking a lot of time to create a blog post for this award; summer seems to be pretty eventful (+unfortunately, there's such thing as summer assignments). But I would like to thank you... Continue Reading →

Denied Hatred for Myself

I never thought I would say that, but, I guess, I've hated myself. Even as I'm typing this I cannot believe the fact that I am the person who is saying it. My whole life I've been a pretty fit girl, I had dance practices at least five times a week. I've never been worried... Continue Reading →

Basic Heartless Conversations

Every day, as I get on my school bus, I hear people talk about how tired or cold they are. You’ve probably heard that stereotype about English men who always talk about the weather (not trying to offend any English people out there). Well, that saying is not only about England. Sometimes, I feel like... Continue Reading →

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